Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What am I looking for in a soul mate?

This is a recent entry in my vision journal (from Feast Retreat) where I decided to get clear on what I'm looking for in a soul mate:

He should be spiritual and kind, love animals, and be understand and accepting of my relationship with my son. He should be compassionate and empathetic to the feelings of others. He should love to travel but not be worldly, as in not ruled by money but works hard for what he has. He should be respectful of the smorgasbord of cultures, ethnics, and religions of those around us. He should have strong values while not pushing his core beliefs on others. He should be open to adventure and new experiences yet also not haphazard in his choices. He should be nice looking, confident, and intelligent but not arrogant, superior, or conceited. He should look nice but be unaware of his looks. He should be passionate, romantic, monogamous, and devoted to his woman. He should not be a heavy drinker or addicted to drugs. He should have an appreciation of the arts and enjoy art shows, theater, and movies. He should be thoughtful and sensitive without being overly sensitive. He should enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and camping. He should also be able to enjoy time at home relaxing and enjoying each other's company. He should have a few close friends but not need to be the center of attention, always with a crowd, and not be a partyer although he should like to have a few couples over for dinner or a BBQ. He should be sweet, loving, and gentle.

- Loving
- Kind
- Romantic
- Respectful
- Sincere
- Trustworthy
- Devoted
- Compassionate

I used images of Raj from The Big Bang Theory because he's my current T.V. crush. :-D


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Kim Mailhot said...

I put a wish like this out into the Universe 15 years ago, when I was perhaps at my very best place in my life. I attracted my David and found my soulmate to hold my hand through any possible storm.
I wish you the same.