Monday, April 25, 2011

Where does love go when it dies?

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Where does love go when it dies? I often wonder where it goes to. Somewhere, is there a land with abundant sadness where shattered dreams and broken promises float in a river of tears? Does it just disappear, vanish, into thin air? How can something so strong just cease existence?

Does it transfer over to another person, a couple, for them to experience the adoration, the devotion, and the taste of true love? Why do some have love for a fleeting moment while others are able to share it for a lifetime? Is it because some mishandle this precious gift while others cherish it? Do you get more than one soul mate or are you only allotted one that you must treasure with all your worth? If you learn your lesson on how not to treat this gift, do you get a second chance?

Where does that love go when the relationship is unable to survive?

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Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

From my is all there is. It can never run out or disappear. It's our perception of love that gives it it's form. Our expectations. My perception is that love is not some magical substance that shows up whether we choose it, or not. It is never separate from us and is always available in infinite supply. People? Relationships? Always flowing and changing, growing and evolving. Embrace them. Learn from them. Let them come and go. New and exciting ones are around every corner.