Friday, April 15, 2011

On the web

Happy Friday, lovelies! I'm finishing up my last workshop with the WishBIG ecamp, Soul Food for Dreams by the fabulous Violette. Here are my inspiration cards I made a few nights ago.

These will be perfect for when I'm stuck and need a creative prompt to get me inspired!

I'm excited to have just finished my IKEA drawer revamp inspired by Curly Girl Design.

Bella helped me out.

I like how it turned out and will be perfect to hold my art supplies so I can lose the plastic baskets! Here's Leigh's tutorial on her Delightful Drawers.

I'm off to get some chores done so I can go for an early hike tomorrow. Enjoy the links below and have a great weekend!

- Create as Folk shared this upcoming Passion to Profit series that begins on Monday. Can't wait to dive in!

- I love to Create shared this Spoon Poetry Tutorial from Kelli Nina Perkins. So creative!

- Going Home to Roost shared this Eggstra Special Chick post. What a cute idea for Easter!

- I love this post by Scoutie Girl, Opportunity: Your Obligation as an Artist. It's all about connecting with others through our art and the relationships we form from our art.

- One Pretty Thing gathers wonderful articles and tutorials such as this "Get your Peeps on." printable from Flamingo Toes for Easter. Who doesn't love Peeps?

image credit
I also saw this beautiful wall photo collage from Under the Sycamore Tree there. What a great way to display your precious family photos.

- As always, Kind Over Matter has the most awesome printables! Like this I appreciate you! card set, this I'm rooting for you card set, and my personal fave You are so beautiful card set. Who's day could you fill with kindness and love with that one?!



Anonymous said...

You did a good job on the chest Amanda. I checked on the blog on the family photo wall, what do you think of hot glue on the wall, it makes me nervous, maybe use a "backer board" of some type. Time to be creative...

Amanda St.Clair said...

Thanks! I'm not brave enough to use the hot glue. I would use something a little less permanent (and moveable) like framed-out MDF or a corkboard. Have a good evening!