Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AEDM - Day 10

Welcome to Day 10 of Art Every Day Month!
Day 12345678 & 9.


Today's project is so cute I wish I came up with it myself! But I didn't. Cozy Home Scenes did and made it almost sweet enough to eat.
"When you share a cupcake, you share love."  ~Unknown 
So today I'm sharing the love in the form of a terra cotta flowerpot turned cupcake.

There are several ways you can do this but I chose the most difficult. LOL. No, really I chose to work with what I had on hand. So I flipped my lid (the saucer) and the pot over and placed my saucer on top so I could work on it first since it takes a while to dry. I folded strips of paper (packing paper) and placed on the lid and then one to cover the folded paper and hot glued them down on the saucer. This is to build up your shape. I then took Liquitex modeling paste and applied to the top of the paper with a spatula or old hotel key and spread it around to look like frosting. I would have liked my frosting to be higher but I was running out of the paste. I set this to the side and let it dry overnight.

I realize my method is a bit odd but like I said, I was working with what I had. And besides, it worked! You might want to use florist foam in a half circle. Or be creative!

Now you're ready to paint the base of your cupcake! I painted the bottom portion pink and  a little of the top portion white in the form of a banner to give the illusion of the frosting being taller. I also applied a coat of white paint over the modeling paste. I the eraser end of a pencil dipped in blue paint for the blue circles. I used a fine liner brush to make the lines sprinkles on top. I tried adding polka dots and then lines on the bottom part but decided I like it plain the best. You could also add a puff ball "cherry" on top. 

"Muffins are just ugly cupcakes."  ~Unknown


spaark said...

Yup, that is pretty darn cute! My daughter would love that in her room. Cupcakes are still all the rage here. Thanks! Julie

Kelly said...

The cup cake is very cute! Cupcakes have become a real art form!