Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AEDM - Day 16

Welcome to Day 16 of Art Every Day Month!
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So I'm really liking the embossed, raised lettering-look I've seen lately. Soooo easy to do.

I picked up these cute little jars from Hobby Lobby for a dollar and a half each. 

I used Liquid Pearls (or whatever puffy type paint you have) to write on the lids.

Apply a couple coats of spray paint. You could use any color you'd like or even chalkboard paint but I love, love, love silver and stainless steel.

Aren't they super cute?

So why stop there? I used hot water to remove the label from an empty wine bottle (duh! What other kind of wine bottle would there be but empty!) and followed the same instructions as above.

It says, "Look how they SHINE for you" with lots of stars. Yes, that's a shout out to Coldplay's song, Yellow.

I loved the shimmery shine so much that I used a light coat of the spray with a stencil on a page in my journal.

Give me a little time and everything will have a coat of stainless steel! Have a wonderfully shimmery, shiney day!


Anonymous said...

I love. I love that everyhting will be shiny in time. Thanks for the tutorial, havent tried embossing yet, but you know it is on the list. Just discovered Hobby Lobby...unfortunately it is 4 hours away:(

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

wow you have been busy and thanks for the quick lesson... so easy yet so effective... figure I could do this one without too much chance of injury xx

Amanda St.Clair said...

Spaark - Boo! I'm thankful to have a Hobby Lobby right across town (across from Michaels)but I'm always envious of big cities that have a Dick Blick.

Tracey - You shouldn't lose any digits or limbs on this one. LOL.

:-D Thanks for stopping by!